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OOTD: Embroidered Heels + Stripes


Happy almost weekend ladies and gents. Actually, do any gents read this stuff? If you do, let me know, I'm very curious. Anyway, YES. Almost weekend. Also, just three more weeks until I'm back in my favorite place and in a whole other world, Los Angeles, California. I'm so excited it hurts. And I can't wait to be on the beach in Malibu in my new bikini I won in an Instagram giveaway last week! And no...not the infamous Sunny Co. Bay Watch Halloween costume.

I recently won @Brendawasylucha's collaboration giveaway with Midsommar Swim. YAY. My sweet angel (bikini, I know I'm over-dramatic) should be getting to my apartment sometime this week! (Emphasis on the "should" because the post office lives to stress me out). So, stay tuned on my Insta-stories to see which one I chose!

P.s. I didn't cry.

P.S. Yes. I did. I did cry. A lot. 

Thanks again to Brenda and Rachel! You made my week.


outfit details

Top: Tobi (I bought this about three years ago, and I can't believe they still have it)

Pants: Uniqlo 

Shoes: Buffalo Exchange | Similar: Nastygal

Jacket: Nastygal | Similar: Nastygal

Bag: Free People (no longer available)

Sunnies: Free People | Similar: Free People

FullSizeRender (69).jpg
FullSizeRender (72).jpg


Embroidered Shoes

I picked up these embroidered heels from Buffalo Exchange the other day and a lot of people really seemed to like them, so I decided to give you guys some more options. Embroidered shoes can turn a very simple outfit into a very chic one. I paired a pretty simple print (black and white stripes), a solid-colored pant (great buffer) along with my printed shoes, which added the perfect amount of excitement.

I can see these floral Free People Exclusive loafers being an everyday go-to this summer for sure. Embroidery in general is always great for the Spring/Summer months, and I can't wait to put some great embroidery-themed outfits together for all my upcoming events in LA this Summer!

i wanna be thirty, flirty + thrifting

Buffalo Exchange never lets me down (except for that one time I was so broke I had to sell them a brand new pair of Dr. Marten's for $12, but that's a story for another time). Thrifting in general can be one of the most rewarding ways to spend your money, and Buffalo is definitely one of my favorite places to shop. 

A few of my other favorite thrifting destinations would have to be Crossroads, Wonderland, American Superior Vintage and ALWAYS Goodwill. I've gotten so much great stuff from Goodwill; clothing, shoes, home decor, etc. And it's great because if you like something about the item but want to make little tweaks or turn it into something completely different, you can do it fearlessly because it was cheap. 


In other semi-related news (because we are talking about summer coming up) Glossier released a weightless, everyday sunscreen and IT. IS. AWESOME. As always you can shop with me at Glossier for 20% off your first purchase! This sunscreen is a little pricey at $35, so through my rep page you can get it for $28 ($7 off)

OOTD: Comfy Chic Ft. Local Philly Shop + Artist

Over the past few weeks I've begun to realize that color isn't very common in my wardrobe, so this bold red top was a little different than what I usually opt for (and I am loving it). As you probably already know, I love pairing contrasting styles, and I especially love mixing super casual with dressier pieces, and this outfit is probably one of my favorites yet. I feel like it's something I could wear pretty much anywhere (besides maybe a wedding?)  I'm extremely comfortable while still looking very put together & that is always the goal, am I right or am I right?


This sweatshirt that I picked up from local Philly shop, Ritual Ritual earlier this week, is not only the most comfortable sweatshirt on God's green Earth, but it also has some awesome artwork from Philly-based artist, Aubrie Costello (screen-printed by Awesome Dudes Printing)

The top is from yet another local brand called M Concept Shop, which is located right in Center City Philly on South Street. 

Striped pants - Buffalo Exchange

Hat - H&M

Boots - Forever 21 (a million and three years ago)  |  Similar (Nastygal)

Bag - Free People  |  Similar (Linea Pelle)  |  Similar (F21) |  Similar (F21)



Side note: this is one of the few times I've not worn a bra and not felt extremely aware of it. Usually my boobs are like "< >  hello, we're here to make you and everyone around you uncomfortable", but this time it felt good. Although it felt great, I did get some cat calls while walking to my shoot, which kinda ruined all the "feeling great".

Does anyone else have this problem? Wearing something that you feel makes you feel fantastic, but then creeps ruin it? Your once strong sense of confidence has now shriveled up into a ball of shame because some loser couldn't just keep his unnecessary comment to himself. It's extremely frustrating, and hopefully one day I'll be able to walk down the street without the fear of being followed and/or harassed. 

A n y w a y .  

Moral of the story here, this top kicks ass and that's really all that matters.




Sunnies: Free People   |   Loafers: Free People


Philly Bloggers Style Florals


How gorgeous are these ladies in their floral attire? Earlier this month we got together in a trendy little neighborhood in Philadelphia called Northern Liberties for our monthly style shoot. This month, fellow PHL Bloggers and I styled our outfits based around florals. We found some pretty little floral murals at the end of the street behind Jerry's Bar, and it worked out like a match made in floral heaven. 

Keep reading to see everyone's outfit details & similar options.









Chelsea was new to our style shoot this month, and it was beyond a pleasure being able to add her to the group! Chelsea has a very bubbly style to match her personality. I like the way she added the bright pop of color with the yellow statement piece necklace. I would also like to add that this day was painfully cold and windy, so props to Chelsea (and Sarah and Susan and Melissa) for going sleeveless. 

I highly suggest taking a look at Chelsea's blog if you haven't already, she posts some great styling tips and outfit inspo!


Jumpsuit: Loft

Shoes: Old Navy

Bag: Kate Spade

Watch: Michael Kors





Susan is a style shoot veteran and continues her streak of killin' it with this one. Susan's look was a little brighter than most of the others (which was strange because this shoot was for the start of Spring, and we're all wearing dark colors. Hmm). As we can see from this shoot and the last, Susan loves The Geisha House, and honestly, who doesn't? For Love And Lemons is definitely one of my favorite brands, and I'm really loving the ruffle detail at the neckline. 


Dress: For Love And Lemons (The Geisha House)

Jacket: Loft

Shoes: Sam Edelman

Bracelets: David Yurman + The Geisha House



melissa funtanilla | @theskinnyaffair


Melissa is also new to our monthly get-togethers, and I absolutely love the way she styled this off the shoulder dress from The Knot Sisters! I think it is so cool how her outfit matches so perfectly with her hair. I especially love that she chose to go for a bold lip, and the color works so well! The Skinny Affair is another blog I highly suggest taking a look at. Melissa has so many great styling tips as well as healthy life style advice and recipes. I know I'll definitely be reading up on all of that considering it's basically May and I still haven't started on my "summer bod".


Dress: The Knot Sisters

Shoes: Sam Edelman

Lipstick + Liner: MAC 'Diva' + MAC 'burgundy'





So glad Sarah was able to make it back for round two! She paired two more of my favorite brands (Flynn Skye + Kelsi Dagger) and introduced me to something new (Sticks & Stones


Jumpsuit: Flynn Skye

Shoes: Kelsi Dagger

Bag: Sticks & Stones





E.M. never ever disappoints (as we can see). These jeans from ASOS are E V E R Y T H I N G and this top + earrings combo is giving me serious 60's vibes, which apparently is a style she's been loving recently. Also a big fan of this shoe game she's got goin' on. I mean, I shouldn't have expected anything less. E.M. has been one of my biggest inspirations becoming a blogger and it is beyond a pleasure getting to work with her and all these other kick-ass, stylish girl bosses.


Top: New Look

Jeans: ASOS

Shoes: Zara


It's me again

Instagram: @bellsxwhistles | Facebook: BELLS + WHISTLES | Twitter: @bellsxwhistles


I know I told you guys I would work on my faces, but you know how life gets. Things come up, other things get put on the back burner. One second, you're typing up last month's style shoot post, the next second, you turn around, and you're at next month's style shoot, making the same stupid faces you did last time. I sincerely promise, in time, I will get slightly better.

I usually wear this jumpsuit in the summer, but since this day was out of control freezing I decided to layer it up with this sheer black mock-neck top from Zara. These shoes are three thousand years old, I think I got them my first year of college, but they fit. I've really been wanting to expand my shoe collection, but my wallet's like "hahahhaaha" and my landlord walks in, and he's like "hahahhaaha" and then my part-time job calls and he's like "hahahhahahahahaaha", so basically, no. My shoe game will stay at the same mediocre level it is now until further notice. 

Jumpsuit: Free People

Mesh top: Zara

Bag: Urban Outfitters

Belt: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Charlotte Russe (forever ago)