OOTD: Embroidered Heels + Stripes



Happy almost weekend ladies and gents. Actually, do any gents read this stuff? If you do, let me know, I'm very curious. Anyway, YES. Almost weekend. Also, just three more weeks until I'm back in my favorite place and in a whole other world, Los Angeles, California. I'm so excited it hurts. And I can't wait to be on the beach in Malibu in my new bikini I won in an Instagram giveaway last week! And no...not the infamous Sunny Co. Bay Watch Halloween costume.

I recently won @Brendawasylucha's collaboration giveaway with Midsommar Swim. YAY. My sweet angel (bikini, I know I'm over-dramatic) should be getting to my apartment sometime this week! (Emphasis on the "should" because the post office lives to stress me out). So, stay tuned on my Insta-stories to see which one I chose!

P.s. I didn't cry.

P.S. Yes. I did. I did cry. A lot. 

Thanks again to Brenda and Rachel! You made my week.


outfit details

Top: Tobi (I bought this about three years ago, and I can't believe they still have it)

Pants: Uniqlo 

Shoes: Buffalo Exchange | Similar: Nastygal

Jacket: Nastygal | Similar: Nastygal

Bag: Free People (no longer available)

Sunnies: Free People | Similar: Free People

FullSizeRender (69).jpg
FullSizeRender (72).jpg


Embroidered Shoes

I picked up these embroidered heels from Buffalo Exchange the other day and a lot of people really seemed to like them, so I decided to give you guys some more options. Embroidered shoes can turn a very simple outfit into a very chic one. I paired a pretty simple print (black and white stripes), a solid-colored pant (great buffer) along with my printed shoes, which added the perfect amount of excitement.

I can see these floral Free People Exclusive loafers being an everyday go-to this summer for sure. Embroidery in general is always great for the Spring/Summer months, and I can't wait to put some great embroidery-themed outfits together for all my upcoming events in LA this Summer!

i wanna be thirty, flirty + thrifting

Buffalo Exchange never lets me down (except for that one time I was so broke I had to sell them a brand new pair of Dr. Marten's for $12, but that's a story for another time). Thrifting in general can be one of the most rewarding ways to spend your money, and Buffalo is definitely one of my favorite places to shop. 

A few of my other favorite thrifting destinations would have to be Crossroads, Wonderland, American Superior Vintage and ALWAYS Goodwill. I've gotten so much great stuff from Goodwill; clothing, shoes, home decor, etc. And it's great because if you like something about the item but want to make little tweaks or turn it into something completely different, you can do it fearlessly because it was cheap. 


In other semi-related news (because we are talking about summer coming up) Glossier released a weightless, everyday sunscreen and IT. IS. AWESOME. As always you can shop with me at Glossier for 20% off your first purchase! This sunscreen is a little pricey at $35, so through my rep page you can get it for $28 ($7 off)