Philly Bloggers Style Brunch


Bloggers brunching? Groundbreaking/Earth-shattering/mind-blowingly unique, I know. Since this was my last style shoot for a few months, and Summer was right around the corner, I thought brunch would be the perfect setting for our May style shoot. It was so nice to actually get to sit down and talk for a few hours, rather than just take some pictures and run. It's been such a pleasure to work with these wonderfully creative people over the last three months, so I wanted to get to know everyone a little better. 

P.S. due to being computerless and and a little homeless these past few weeks/months, I'm getting this post up a little late. I thought about not posting it at all, but then I stopped talkin' crazy and got back to work.

I'm so proud to be a part of such a talented and stylish group! You can see everyone's outfit details below!



When setting up this shoot, I did my usual extensive Instagram/Yelp research to find the most aesthetically pleasing spot in Philly, (and I think I accomplished my goal). Although Butcher Bar is absolutely stunning, it's not just a pretty face, the food was just as amazing. I ordered the mac and cheese, (honestly, everywhere I go, that's all I ever get), and of course it was a whole other level of delicious. We also ordered a couple bottles of Prosecco for the table to share (because duh?). Lastly, the waiter was nice enough to bring us out some warm chocolate chip cookies topped with ice cream on the house! Unfortunately, I got a little too excited and ate the entire thing before I could take a picture, but I am not sorry about it.




I was SO impressed by everyone's outfits at this shoot. Everyone fit the theme so well and looked so, so good! You can see what everyone put together and shop their looks below.






Chelsea's dress was so gorgeous! I absolutely loved the length, the lace up detailing, and the slit up the side added the perfect touch of femininity! Also, the pastel blue color was a great choice for the occasion! Very light and summery, very "brunchy". Big fan of these mules, by the way. I've been dying to get myself a pair, but rent is due, y'all.


Dress: The Geisha House - local Philly shop

Shoes: Lost & Found - local Philly shop (similar from Topshop)

Hat: Topshop

Watch: Michael Kors

Sunglasses: Loft





I really like the way Susan styled this ruffled floral tie-front dress. It makes me think about all the different possibilities when it comes to pairing and placement. Susan chose to pair this dress with a color-coordinated bandeau. What I love about dresses like this, is that there are a few unexpected ways to wear it. You can turn it around and make it an open back, you can wear it with or without something underneath (depending on a combination of your boob size and confidence level). Susan, chose to go for gold with the accessories, and it was a nice powerful touch to a very feminine look. 


Dress: Haute Mama (similar from For Love and Lemons)

Sunnies: Anthropologie

Shoes: Sam Edelman

Cuff: The Mystic Jewel (similar from Forever 21)





Melissa is a Cali girl living in Philly, and it shows. From her ombréd hair to her wooden block heels, her style gives us Summer vibes year-round. Melissa always has the prettiest dresses, and the detailing on this one made it one of my faves. The light/bright watercolor print also made it a very fitting brunch dress. The brown block heels balanced out the excitement of the dress and made it a much more casual day-time wear.


Dress: Free People

Heels: Brand Unknown (Similar from Nordstrom)

Denim Jacket: Pilcro

Bag: Louis Vuitton (similar/more affordable from Forever 21)






Sarah's outfit was definitely one of my favorites! I love the overalls with the off the shoulder ruffled top, such a great combo! But, her earrings and shoes really made the outfit. I loved the all black with the bright pop of color. Orange isn't usually the pop of color that people opt for, so I admire her bravery. I am so in love with these platform espadrilles from Free People, but then again I'm always in love with everything from Free People, so that shouldn't be a surprise. 


Overalls: Free People

Top: Candy Shoppe (Similar from Azalea)

Shoes: Free People (Similar)

Bag: Sticks & Stones





 Guru's outfit was the most bold, which is what I always admire about her. Guru is from Inida, and you can tell by the way she styles herself. She's always incorporating so many bright colors and bold prints, which can be risky, but she always seems to rock it effortlessly. Her earrings, as you can see, are a bit of a statement piece and I am obsessed. Also, a little jealous because I could never pull those off, but again, there she goes with the effortlessly rocking everything and anything. 


Top: Express

Pants: Banana Republic (similar)

Shoes: ASOS

Bag: SimitriDesigns

Accessories: FabIndia + Aldo






This was Khoi's first time joining us and, and I am over the moon that he did! It was so great to add a little variety to the group. I think Male bloggers are sometimes overlooked or not taken seriously, which is frustrating because Khoi is doing AMAZING things! He was a little worried that he wouldn't fit in, but I think he fit in perfectly! I sincerely admire the way this man can layer. Seriously, we should all be taking notes. Denim on denim underneath a striped tee underneath a bomber jacket?? Genius.


Tee: J. Crew

Button Up: Gap

Jeans: Uniqlo

Jacket: Unknown (Similar from J. Crew)

Shoes: J. Crew

Sunnies: Sunny Rebel (Not similar, but I couldn't find his, and love these)




So I'm gonna start off by addressing the weird boob area in the room. I couldn't wear a bra with this dress, it was too thin to not wear anything, I didn't have pasties, so I wore band-aids. I thought band-aids would be the least visible and welp, here we are. But honestly, whatever people make way too big of a deal about being able to see people's nipples. When I can see the outline of your "you-know-what" through your jorts, I don't say anything, so leave me alone. 

P.S. Just realized this is my second rant about being harassed for not wearing a bra. Y'all really be testing me.

Anyway. I originally wanted to wear something from Reformation, but my wallet had a different agenda. I was on one of my usual "I shouldn't be going in to Forever 21, but it's right here, so why deprive myself of a good time" walks, and found this yellow midi dress for $10! TEN DOLLARS PEOPLE, THIS IS NOT A DRILL. 

My bag is from Free People, and slowly decaying. It's honestly been falling apart since the day I got it, but it's my favorite. It's just one of those bags that I've had for years and could never get rid of.

My shoes are a product of that 40% off employee discount at American Eagle. I've acquired quite a collection over the four years I worked for the company. Sadly, although these sandals are one of my go-to's, as I've gotten older, I've outgrown the AE style. On the other hand, American Eagle will always have a special place in my heart because it was my first job, and really made me fall in love with working in fashion.