Fresh Beauty Floral Fete: Launch of the Newest Addition To The Rose Collection



This Wednesday evening, I had the pleasure of attending Fresh Beauty's launch event for their newest addition to The Rose Collection: The Deep Hydration Facial Toner. I met so many amazing people, from fellow (definitely more experienced) influencers like @IAmJustAMakeUpLover, @VicMRam and @TheBeautyMaiden to the Fresh team, including founders Lev and Alina. The set up was absolutely gorgeous! Bold PR did an amazing job at turning this space into the rose garden of all of our dreams. Of course, there were roses everywhere, and everywhere you turned was a great photo opp. There were rose walls, rose pools, different stations to test out all of the Rose Collection products. We even got to pick out a Sugar Lip Treatment and get the box decorated by an artist at one of the tables. 


My favorite part was the waiters/waitresses dressed in all white, walking around, offering the cutest pink-themed horderves I have ever seen. Watermelon cubes topped with feta, pomegranate chicken with a pink pomegranate sauce, they even had the most delicious pink avocado sushi (PINK. AVOCADO. SUSHI.). I don't even like sushi, but you better believe I ate my own bodyweight in that stuff. And of course, at the bar they were serving Rosé, as well as these pink lemonade vodka drinks with adorable pink and white striped straws. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I love a good printed straw. 



So funny story, I actually bought this jumpsuit on my way to the event. I found it at Zara and said, this is absolutely perfect, I need it. And, I just so happened to have a gift card for the exact amount. Don't you love it when life just works? So I bought this jumpsuit and the pants were so long i literally could've made an entirely new pair of pants with the extra fabric, but I didn't care, it was too perfect. So I run into CVS, buy a $2 pair of scissors, cut the extra fabric off and change in the back of my seven minute Uber and walk into this event like nothing happened. 


But, it was all worth it because I was getting compliments on my outfit all night, and that's what happens when you wear a dusty rose-colored jumpsuit to a rose-themed event. I really loved the flowy, ultra-feminine top mixed with the super sophisticated trouser bottoms. 

You can find this jumpsuit at: Zara | $99



Gift bag details:


Get ready to take a look inside the greatest gift bag of all time... Fresh gave each and every guest the ENTIRE FULL-SIZED ROSE COLLECTION. I wanted to cry I couldn't believe it. How incredibly generous of Fresh to give such an amazing gift to their guests, it was such a great representation of who they are as a brand and as a team


and of course the star of the show:



I gave this baby a try last night after washing my face with the Rose Cleansing Foam and I have to say, it honestly works wonders. With your average toner, you'll probably notice that it gets all the dirt out, but it probably leaves your face feeling extremely dried out. 

This toner does a fantastic job of getting all of those impurities and dirt out, but without the drying effect. I've only used it once, so I can't give a 100% accurate review, but so far, SO good. My face feels clean and refreshed, as well as, supple and hydrated. I've never tried a toner like this so I was very impressed. 

P.S. Each bottle has two flowers worth of real rose petals inside.

I've been really into that whole "skin first" mindset and the increasingly popular natural beauty/no makeup-makeup look lately. Fresh is a company that uses natural, organic ingredients, started by quite possibly the nicest, most sincere people on Earth. This is a brand that I already loved, but after last night, will for sure be experimenting a lot more with. 

I'm already a huge fan of their Soy Face Cleanser and would definitely love to give their Brown Sugar Body Polish a try! Can not wait to see what they come up with next!





Thank you so, so much to everyone at Fresh + Bold PR for having me! I had an amazing time, and I'm so grateful for all of the beautiful gifts and beautiful people I got to meet last night! I hope to see all of you at the next event!