Week 1 of Ditching Shampoo/Conditioner + Switching To New Wash


The past seven days have been an emotional hair roller-coaster to say the least. I've given up on shampoo - detergents, sulfates, lots and lots of "bad stuff" that strips your hair, and switched to New Wash by Hairstory. When HairStory approached me asking to try out their product and to #takeashowerwithus, I had a mix of emotions.


My hair type is a little un-ideal. I have a lot of hair, but the strands are very thin, so my hair gets oily pretty quickly and falls flat very easily. Because of this, I've always felt the need to shampoo daily (I know it's bad, but I just didn't care), so the idea of ditching shampoo kiiind of completely freaked me out. On top of shampooing daily, I've put my hair through complete and total torture, from bleaching and dying and bleaching and dying and more bleaching and more dying, to daily blow drying and hot tool usage. My hair had completely lost it's natural wave and softness, so at the same time, I was kind of willing to try anything. 


first impression

If you know me, you know I go crazy for packaging and branding, and when it comes to what I like, simplicity is king (part of the reason I love Glossier so much). When I first opened the box Hairstory sent me, my immediate thought was how much I loved the packaging. Very simple and white, with just their logo on one side and product name on the other, each bottle having a different signature color. Although the branding is extremely simple, it's still very distinct, which tbh is always the goal.

I also really love the name they chose for the brand. It makes you think about everything you've done to your hair in the past; all the heat, all the chemicals, all the damage, and where you can go from here. It made me look at New Wash as a way of sort of, starting over, and beginning a new hair story. When I read that Hairstory was created by the creator of Bumble & Bumble, Michael Gordon, so I thought to myself, this stuff has to be amazing. 


DAY 1:

When I first applied New Wash to my hair in the shower, I noticed right away both the differences and slight similarities to shampoo. It gave the same clean feeling, without the suds and dryness. It also gave the same silky, smooth feeling of conditioner, which was something I was worried it wouldn't do. After deeply massaging it into my scalp for a little over a minute, I let it sit for somewhere between five and ten minutes, and just let it work it's magic. When I rinsed it out, I could already feel the difference. It was much smoother and softer, and I was very happy and impressed with the texture. 

After letting my hair towel dry for a few minutes, I was really surprised at how much easier it was to brush my hair. Since my hair had been so damaged for so long, when I would brush it, it would tug, pull, tangle and just be very difficult. After cleansing just one time with New Wash, my brush literally glided through like butter, I wanted to cry. When it dried, it felt soft and volumized, but I did notice it felt a little bit oily at the roots, and that made me nervous. 


DAY 2:

The next day, I made sure to follow the directions on the bottle and "use enough" (if you don't use enough, it won't be able to fully clean your hair), and it worked! I guess the first time I just didn't apply enough product because this time my hair felt soft, volumized and CLEAN.  


DAY 3:

This day I decided to try out one of the other products they sent me, Hair Balm. I was going to wait and do a full week of only New Wash, no other products, but I just physically could not wait. I was too curious, so I squeezed about 2 pumps into the palm of my hand (spoiler alert: way too much). I worked it through the ends of my hair, trying to avoid the roots, and just let it air dry. My hair had a great effortlessly chicness to it.  


DAY 4:

This day was pretty much a better version of day 2. My hair was literally being nursed back to health, and I hadn't felt this happy about it's texture in alooong time. For months before I started using New Wash, my hair was very stiff, dry and frizzy. I'd started considering giving up this grey color that I love so much, and going for a "healthier" color like brunette or an auburn because my hair just couldn't take the bleaching anymore. On this day, New Wash gave me hope that I could keep the color that works best for me. 


DAY 5:

On this day, I skipped the wash. I didn't need it because my hair was still feeling pretty clean. Another reason I skipped the wash was because I knew I'd be home all day, with no one around to see my untamed mane, so there's that. Whenever I know I'll be home all day, I like to give my hair the break it deserves. With shampoo, washing your hair every day can be very damaging, but with New Wash, it's not like that at all. I don't feel bad washing my hair two days in a row. New Wash cuts out stripping detergents that eat away the good oils for your hair. New Wash replaces those detergents with aloe and essential oils, so if anything, it actually feels good for my hair to wash it as many days in a row as I'd like.


DAY 6:

This day was such a great day because I got to spend it at The Wing in NYC with some fellow Glossier reps. I woke up bright and early (I'm talking 4am bright and early, folks) to catch my bus to New York at 6. I didn't have an abundance of time considering everything takes me about three times as long to do in the morning. So, I took a "quick" shower, did my makeup, picked out what I was going to wear (which took about 3/4 of my whole getting ready adventure), then I was left with about ten minutes to do my hair. I'd already let it air dry, and since I basically had no time left, I just sprayed it all over with Undressed, scrunched it up with my hands for a couple minutes, and ran out the door.

Undressed is quickly becoming my favorite texturizing spray of all time. It doesn't give me that gross, sticky, crunchy feeling that most texturizing sprays do. You can actually barely even tell it's there, and it still adds a nice wave/shape while letting your hair feel soft and weightless. 


DAY 7:

I skipped another day because I didn't really feel like I needed a wash. My hair is continuing to get softer, stronger, and I even feel like it's beginning to get some of it's natural wave back. Ahh, how I missed that natural wave, and it's back just in time for Summer! I was kind of at a dead end...figuratively and literally speaking...but New Wash turned things around. 



Makes my hair feel clean without damaging it

Makes my hair feel INCREDIBLY soft and healthy

I don't feel guilty for washing it daily

I don't feel guilty at all, because the ingredients in New Wash are actually good for your hair

I feel like I'm using professional salon hair care on myself at home (aka I feel fancy "af")



Some of the products, like Hair Balm + Undressed, I'm not the biggest fan of the scents (but I always use a hair perfume anyway, so that really doesn't matter)

These products are a liiiittle bit pricey. New Wash is seeming to last me a good while, considering how often I use it, but I just don't kno if I can see myself shelling out $40 and/or $90 for shampoo. Although it is a bit of a miracle product, so we'll see. 



I'm extremely excited to see the condition of my hair at the end of this month. It's been quite a struggle for quite a long time, and i'm so thankful that I was able to try not just New Wash, but HairStory's entire line of products. Just these past seven days have already made a huge impact, so hopefully the momentum keeps going. Biggest thank you to HairStory to introducing me to these amazing products! If you guys have any questions at all feel free to ask in the comment section below. 


Visit Hairstory's NYC salon (read the Allure article here)