Making The Chop: My Journey To The Long Bob

About a year ago I decided to spontaneously chop off my rib length locks, and it was the best hair decision I've ever made. But, I went through a few phases before getting to where I am now. 


1. The Cycle

For about three long years I went through this cycle of "I want my hair to be 1,000 feet long" to "My hair's got a lot of split ends, maybe I should just chop it all off" to "ya know what? This length isn't so bad, I'm fine with this, I'll just keep it here". And that cycle went on and on and on until I finally just said 


2. Screw it

Like every other big decision I've made in my life, the idea popped into my head the night before and I went to get it cut the next day. I walked into the salon with confidence, this was what I wanted. Even though two days ago I wanted the complete opposite, I'm 100% sure this is what I want today. 


3. Second thoughts, but it's too late now.

When I saw mass amounts of my hair piling up on the floor, I'm not gonna lie, I panicked a little. When I looked up into the mirror I panicked a little bit more. Then it dried a little and I noticed how much healthier it felt and I began to reason with myself: "this is good, it'll grow fast, everything's fine." Then, just when I was beginning to convince myself, she started to blow dry and style it, and that's when the regret came flooding in. Once she curled it, it was way shorter than I than I expected and I may or may not have had a mini panic attack.  


5. "I wanna kill you right now, but instead I'm gonna smile and hand you this generous tip"

This is the best part. I can only remember one time in my life I went to the salon and left happy. Other than that, the only feeling that comes to mind when I think about leaving a salon is pure rage with a whopping side of passive aggressiveness. It was so short, I looked like Shirley Temple and I wanted to scream. 


4. The angry tears

Ya know when you get home and you start looking in the mirror, pointing out every little imperfection to yourself? While simultaneously realizing how ugly your face gets when you cry? Isn't that just the best? But, the even better part is when you start to play around with it and realize, not only is it not that bad, but you actually kind of love it. 


5. Feeling like an ass for crying over a hair cut.  

So after my "get a haircut, then come home and cry about it" routine, I decided to get it together and see if I could work with it. After straightening out the curls, I realized it wasn't as short as it seemed and it felt sooo much healthier. I was happy. I felt like an idiot for being such a cry baby five minutes prior. But I was happy. 


 6. Happiness

I've had this haircut for about a year now and I'm still so in love with it. For such a long time I'd been relentlessly chasing this style that just wasn't right for me. Then I stumbled upon something that works and I couldn't be happier.


My hair type: 

My strands are thin, but I have a lot of hair. Since my hair is thin, it gets knotted easily and it also gets oily pretty fast so I have to wash it everyday. (Judge me, yell at me, I don't care). With my hair short it feels so much thicker, and I don't feel bad about washing it daily because the natural oils reach the ends much quicker. I'd been trying so hard to grow my hair long, when this whole time, short was what worked best for me. 

Where we're at now:

Since cutting my hair I've gone gray (by choice) and haven't had an urge to grow it out, but I know it will come sooner or later. Good thing is, no traumatic salon experiences can come from growing your hair out. It's a long process, and I'll probably change my mind a million and three times along the way anyway. 

Products I use to keep my hair feeling as healthy as it did when I first got it cut:


Once a week:



Everyone is different, personality and hair-wise. Spontaneously chopping off my hair was what worked for me. If you have a similar hair type to mine or you've just been thinking about it for a while, I highly suggest you just do it. 

Yes, it can be scary but once you just get it over with, you'll either absolutely love it or absolutely hate it, but good news! It grows! And maybe you'll find a length you like even better along the way.