Work It: How To Dress For That Trendy Office Job in 2017

In honor of officially starting my first PR internship and all these SS '17 trends beginning to surface, I thought, "why not do a post on trendy workwear?" This job has really inspired me to revamp my professional wardrobe, and hopefully this post will inspire you to do the same. Although this outfitting guide is definitely geared more toward people who work in fashion (like perhaps if you worked for the CINCTeam or WeWoreWhat, how cool would that be?!), but if these pieces go along with your office dress code, and you feel like taking your workplace style to the next level, I say go for it!

Dressing for the office can go one of three ways. You can...



Depending on the dress code at your workplace, this can get a little tricky. It is definitely easier to get away with more comfortable pieces working in fashion (just blame it on the athleisure trend), but it is totally doable in any work environment to dress it down, yet still look very put together. Just make sure to always balance it out. If you opt for a comfy pair of sneakers, dress it up with a stylish trouser and top combo. If you're wearing a dressy sweatshirt, maybe compensate with some sleek heels. Jeans are probably that most versatile and easy to dress up, heels are always a great option and a blazer or chic top can effortlessly transform the look from super casual to work appropriate.



Sneakers aren't the first things that come to mind when you think of office attire, but if you do it right, the look is pretty easy to pull off. When I say sneakers, I don't mean your five year old pair of Nike's that you use to go running every morning. This clean white pair of sneakers from Zara are sleek and on trend. Since the sneaker in general gives an overly laid-back vibe you want to pair them with a more sophisticated outfit on top, just to balance it out. These leather leggings from Aritzia do a great job of dressing it up, and the black turtleneck sweater adds a sense of maturity, while keeping the outfit super comfortable.



What's comfier than overalls? Nothing. The answer is nothing. Second Skin Overalls, by blogger Danielle Bernstein from @WeWoreWhat, has the best selection of overalls I think I've ever seen. Styling overalls can be a lot of fun because you can play around with a lot of combinations. They're easy to dress up or down, but since we're dressing casually for the office, we're going to look for a happy medium. Since these overalls are pretty loose, you want to balance it out with a tight top like this turtleneck from Free People or this striped mock neck from Forever 21. Throw on these patterned boots from  ASOS or keep it simple with these all black ankle boots from Tony Bianco and you're good to go. 



I don't know about you but I am loving all these SS '17 trends that are starting to pop up! Ruffles and florals are a no-brainer when it comes to Spring trends, but this season we are going all out. Embroidery on everything, ruffled EV-ER-Y-THING. Along with these trends we've got some great silhouettes floating around - big shoulders, bigger sleeves, last year was all about the cold shoulders, this year is the solo shoulder. Some surprising patterns and fabrics are coming about as well - gingham and plaid (a little unexpected for spring, but we'll give it a shot), geometric prints, stripes, metallics, vinyl/patent leather, and the list goes on. 


P L A I D  +  R U F F L E S  +  P A T E N T

Okay, maybe leather pants for the the office aren't very practical, but is fashion ever based on practicality? No. (And who doesn't love an excuse to wear leather pants?) I love pairing opposites, and this kind of plain ruffled plaid blouse paired with these super sleek leather pants creates a great balance between simplicity and sophistication. 



M E T A L L I C S  +  E M B R O I D E R Y  +  S T R I P E S

Embroidery and metallics have been trending for some time now, and both trends are projected to be carried out in SS '17. I threw in some fishnets, a corset belt and trench because 1. they're also trending and 2. I am equally obsessed with each of them. Styling these trends can easily be overdone, so the key is to keep it simple. Color-wise, metallics are bright, shiny and flashy, so to create a kind of balance, pair with neutrals and dulled down tones. Texture-wise, soft fabrics like wool, cotton, velvet and suede can compensate for the sleek, sharp appearance of the metallic fabric. Embroidery can be paired with other patterns like plaids and stripes, but it really is a judgement call. If you're not sure just opt for a solid color/fabric.



Standing out in your work place is important for a number of reasons. Getting noticed by your boss in any positive light can take you a long way. Maybe you're a woman working in a predominantly male office, it's possible that you at times feel underappreciated or not taken seriously. Solution? Dress with confidence and carry yourself in a strong, powerful way. Obviously there is more to the solution than that, but it's a great start. Whether we like it or not, your appearance and how you carry yourself is the first thing someone notices about you. Be bold, let people know you are here to be heard, respected and viewed as an equal. Some great ways of standing out are...


P A N T - S U I T   I T   U P

A pantsuit is always a great way to make a statement. It's bold and let's people know that you view yourself as a professional. If you want to make an even bigger statement, take it one step further and rock the all white pantsuit. it's simple, clean and has a great message behind it. If you're looking for something a little less political; florals, pastels, neutrals, etc. will do just fine. If you feel like this is too dressy for your work environment, you can always dress it down with a fashionable pair of sneakers. 


B O L D   C O L O R I N G

If you want to be noticed, bold colors are the way to go. Nothing says "I'M HERE, PAY ATTENTION TO ME." like a pair of emerald green wide-leg pants. According to Vogue France, the stand out color of the season is this very bright, "shocking" pink. It's not for me, but if you're a hot pink kinda girl and willing to take the risk, why not? I do advise to sticking to one color if you're gonna go bold, but again, it's a judgement call. Color blocking with bold colors can actually look pretty awesome if it's done right.



S T A T E M E N T  S L E E V E S

Shoulder pads and big, extravagant sleeves are very on-trend, so take advantage of it. Broad shoulders can give off the appearance of power and superiority. You don't want to everyone to think that you feel like you run the place, but you do want to give a message that you're not one to be pushed around or walked all over. All of these statement sleeve pieces just happen to be from Zara (what can I say? They got some good sleeves), but Topshop, NA-KD, Revolve, and ASOS also have an interesting collection.

And to sum all this up, I just want to emphasize that it's not what you're wearing, it is how you wear it. You could be in head to toe Gucci and Chanel, but if you don't carry yourself with poise and confidence you might as well just be wearing a paper bag, and vice versa. You got that blazer from Forever 21 on sale for $5? Own it. People will have respect for you no matter what you're wearing, no matter how much you spent, so long as you have respect for yourself and are comfortable with who you are. Now get to work! (And comment below if you have any questions/comments/style tips of your own)