Apartment Inspo

If you live in an apartment in the city, you know that that apartment is your sanctuary. It's a place to get away from the wonderful craziness of outside, order Chinese, drink a glass of wine (or five) and just relax. If this is the place that you come to relax than you have to be completely content with every aspect of it, right? The atmosphere, the way it looks, the way it smells, everything about it has to feel right. So, I've put together this decorating guide to give you all the right feels.

1. Concrete Jungle 

Plants can transform a room and bring so much life to a dull space. To me, an apartment just doesn't feel complete without them. Living in a city, everywhere you turn is brick and mortar, plants add balance and bring a little bit of outside, inside. 

You can find great deals on some lovely plants at places like Lowes, Home Depot, Ikea, etc. Also, if you're like me and can't keep a plant alive to save your life, then definitely check out Artificial Plants, they have a great selection of things you can't kill, yay!

Also take a look at your local supermarkets, farmer's markets or, if you're feeling adventurous and thrifty, it's always an option to grow them yourself! I got a beautiful bouquet of Baby's Breath from Trader Joe's for only $5!


2. Brick By Brick

A brick wall is not a necessity, depending on what kind of vibe you're going for, but it definitely does add a lot of character and can be a nice contrast to a crisp & cleanly decorated room.

If your apartment doesn't have a brick wall and you'd like to add one, definitely check with your landlord first but, it's totally doable! At Home Depot, brick prices range from about 35 ¢ per brick to $4.99. Mortar ranges from approximately $7 to $65 (ridiculous, just get the cheaper one, it's nice when it looks kind of messy and beat up anyway). It can become a very expensive, very time consuming project but, the outcome will be so worth it! & if you really want that rustic touch but don't want to spend a fortune, brick wallpaper is always an option!


3. Creative Space

Making space in a 300 square foot apartment can get tricky, so get creative with your storage! Build verically more often than horizontally. For example, a crate can only hold so much but, maybe you turn that crate on it's side and stack a few on top of each other and stick it in the corner. Not only have you just created so much more floor space, but you've created much more shelving/storage space in general and it looks awesome! 

Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie are great places to get cute storage gadgets but they can get a little pricey at times. Etsy is usually more on the expensive side, but it's possible to find some cute, affordable items. Never forget to check eBay, Craigslist and Amazon but, when it comes to storage definitely check out Target, Walmart, Kmart, Ross (seriously, check out Ross, I've gotten some awesome stuff there for super cheap!) Marshall's, TJ Maxx, etc.


4. Sloppily Elegant

The key is, you want it to look like you just threw a bunch of crap all over the place and, it haphazardly seemed to land at the perfect angle, in the perfect spot, with the perfect lighting. I like the walls to be covered (not cluttered), a home with a bunch of junk on the walls, is a happy home. Something that looks effortless but, at the same time, so well put together.

I like to have a looot of candles, eventhough I don't burn them too often because they're just so pretty. I just like to have the perfect amount of "stuff" everywhere. Urban & Anthro are amazing for home decor and, even Free People now has a home section! H&M, Zara Home and West Elm are also some great places to check out when decorating a space! One place I love to go is Goodwill. It can seem a little frightening at first with such an overwhelming selection, but it is actually so much fun!  

Another great site to check out is Etsy, most of the merchandise is handmade, unique & not mass produced, which is awesome. One Etsy shop I really love for dream catchers, wall hangings & other little trinkets is called Tripsy. Her work is just so astounding and she hand-makes everything herself, she's crazy talented.  Along with those you can check out any local flea markets in your area, they usually have some incredible home decor that is reasonably priced.  


5. Comfy, Cozy & Rustic

I like anything I'm sitting/laying on to be as comfortable as possible. I like a very soft, plush sofa, armchair, bed...the only exception I'll make is for a bar stool or a nice wooden or metal accent chair (even then I'll probably throw a blanket or a pillow on it). I think the best way to make something look extremely comfortable is by adding layers. The more throw blankets & pillows of different sizes and textures you add, the more it starts to resemble a cloud, & honestly who doesn't wanna sleep on a cloud? A sofa can look comfortable on it's own but the second you add two pillows and a throw, you can suddenly see yourself there for the next 48 hours, no movement whatsoever, just soaking in all the fluff. 

For my bed, I got my twin sized mattress, frame and box spring all on Amazon for a little under $400 total. I also purchased this Mattress Pad for about $40 and it was SO WORTH IT. It makes it so hard to get out of bed in the morning but, still, very worth it. I bought a down comforter from Bed, Bath & Beyond, but you can get one much cheaper at Target. I got a few throws & pillows from Target and Urban

I know it's dangerous, but I love white. White sofa, white walls, white blankets, white pillows, sometimes a white-washed hardwood floor even works. I like a very crisp, clean, cozy look with subtle pops of color here and there, nothing too bright. Tables, wood furniture, shelving, wood chairs, etc. can also be white but I prefer them to have a very rustic look. I love colored furniture, but I love it to look like it went through hell. It's strange how we like furniture that looks like it lost a fight but for some reason it just looks so good. 

More sites you can look at for apartment inspiration: Apartment Therapy, Houzz, Decoist, All ModernPinterest of course, and if you look in the right areas you can even find some inspiration by looking through Airbnb