Denim Trends Of The Moment

In the past few years, I don't think we've seen so many great denim trends all going on at once, and they just keep getting better and better. Here's a list of the current trends in denim and where you can buy them. 

Embroidered denim

Gucci really popularized this trend by stamping their signature Gucci Snake on to denim jackets and jeans, along with some other creatures and symbols. A lot of my guy friends tell me this trend is stupid and looks ridiculous and I tell to embroidered pocket ass. You can have so much fun with this trend and it's super easy to customize/DIY. To be honest, this was much more popular a month or two ago but I'm not letting go. These floral embroidered jeans from Topshop are just too beautiful to move to the bottom drawer. #KeepEmbroideredDenimTrending



This trend is definitely still in full effect and I am still loving it. It really adds a bit of an edge to a look. This trend is great for me because I'm pretty short and always seem to have trouble finding jeans that fit me length-wise. With this trend, the length is usually a crop, but if not I can always just cut them myself because they're already frayed at the bottom anyway. So, if you have a shorter inseam like me, let's take a moment to thank the fashion world for finally giving our stubby little legs their time to shine. This cut can turn a very casual outfit into something very fashionable, and that's why I love this trend, it's very versatile. You can dress it down with a t-shirt, coat and loafers or you can dress it up with a silk cami and strappy heels


Dual-toned denim

The first designer brand that comes to mind when I think of this trend is Vetements. If you don't want to spend your entire life savings on a pair of jeans, Frame denim offers them for about half your life savings (but they're just so beautiful and at least you won't feel as guilty). If you're looking to slim down you can opt for the darker shade on the outside, and if you're looking to add a little curve you can go with the lighter shade on the outside. 

This can definitely add a little uniqueness and excitement to an otherwise bland look. I love that I can just throw on a Tshirt or plain sweater and it looks like I actually spent time putting my outfit together. 


Fishnets under denim

This is one of the newer denim trends that you probably already have laying around. Grab a pair of ripped jeans (if you don't have any it's a pretty simple DIY) and some fishnets. My jeans ($12!) and belt ($6) are actually from Buffalo Exchange, and I got my fishnets from H&M, but I'm in love with this pair of exaggerated fishnets from ASOS

You can definitely have a lot of fun with this trend, and it's simple to switch it up. You can play around with all the patterned hosiery you wish, and with all these denim trends to choose from, the possibilities are endless.