Let's Talk Athleisure.

Guys, what a time to be alive. I can roll my lazy ass out of bed, swirl my hair up in a messy bun, throw on some leggings, a sweater and some sneakers and people consider this one of the most stylish looks of the moment? I'M IN. Although this look has been trending up and down for a few years now, it's really starting to pick up again (YAY) and I am so looking forward to being fashionably lazy all winter long. 

But seriously, although this can seem like the simplest look to put together, it can get a little tricky. When it comes to this style you can dress it way up or you can dress it way down, but it's easy to go overboard in either direction. You don't want to be too dressed down to the point that you could pass for a homeless person, and you don't want to be too dressed up to the point that you've taken all the "ath" out of "athleisure"...well, and I guess the leisure too. You know what I mean.

To start off, my go-to's for shopping athleisure are hands down:




This a great minimalistic look, so you want to keep it very simple with the color schemes. Black and whites, greys, and neutrals on neutrals on neutrals. I feel like this is the element that makes it so chic and fashionable, as well as sets it apart from your typical sportswear. The dulled out, simple coloring makes it a little more sophisticated and fashionable, in comparison to the bright flashy colors that you would find at your local Dick's sporting goods. 



Since it's important that we keep the coloring very simple, you still want to make sure to keep the look very stylish and interesting. The same concept goes for any minimal look, play around with the textures and fabrics. I love these leggings from Bandier - all one color, but they incorporate three different fabrics - glossy, mesh and cotton/spandex. It's such a simple concept, yet it adds an enormous amount of depth and excitement to the look.


In my own opinion, the most important component in a well put together athleisure look is a great pair of sneakers. I tend to opt for an all white pair, more on the trendy/chic side rather than a super obvious running shoe, but it's always important to keep the look very balanced. If I'm wearing just a simple pair of leggings then I'll probably go for the chic white sneakers. If I want to dress it up a little with some jeans and I really want to stick to that athleisure look I'll make sure to balance it out and dress it down with a stylish, simple running shoe. 

For pants I usually just go for a pair of leggings (bc lazy) but if I'm feelin' fancy that day I'll switch it up with some joggers, culottes or a really unique pair of denim. Always top off the look with some kind of jacket. Whether it be a long line wool coat, leather jacket, bomber jacket, denim jacket, etc. just make sure it's simple, chic and ultimately ties the entire look together and you'll be good to go.

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