Reinventing My Skincare Routine with BioClarity

Being 22 years old with acne isn't exactly at the top of my list of goals in life. Having acne on areas other than my face is even further down on the list. I'm sure like a lot of you, I've been putting up with those little red nightmares on my face/body since I was about thirteen. Since I've gotten older, it's definitely gotten a lot better, but I still struggle with it from time to time, and more often on my body now than my face. 


Circa eighth grade, when my acne was in its prime, I was suckered in to trying Proactive. Their spokesperson was Britney Spears, I could not resist. I was so excited to try it, but unfortunately, it made my skin super dry and irritated. After that, I wasn't too thrilled about those three step acne treatment schemes. 



When BioClarity reached out to tell me about their unique plant-based approach to treating acne, my first thought was...."Um, excuse me. What are you trying to say¿". Then I thought to myself "Kelsey, shut up. This is a chance to finally find something that actually works, so just do it." So I agreed to try it out, and they sent me a package right away. What convinced me to try it the most though, was everything I found out about the products themselves.


The cleanser, treatment and restore gel are all 100% vegan and cruelty-free

Ingredients include: Green tea (detoxifies) ★ Licorice root (invigorates) ★ Chamomile (calms) ★ Oat Kernel (soothes) ★ Cucumber (cools refreshes) ★ Florax with Chlorophyll (reduces redness and irritation)  


 *please excuse my terrible chipped nails*


my experience

I actually use the products on my body more than my face, and the results have definitely surpassed my expectations. I use the cleanser all over my back, chest and arms in the shower, and it's really helped to clear up my body acne. Whenever I get a blemish on my face, I use the spot treatment, usually at night. Now for the green stuff - I use the restore gel overnight. I apply it all over my face after cleansing, and I let it just sink in and repair my skin while I sleep. BioClarity does suggest that you use only the three step products alone, in order, but the way I have been using them has worked for me. That's the thing with skincare, a lot of times you have to take a risk and play around with it to see what works best for you because everyone's skin is different. 



Going into this, I honestly didn't think I would see a big change. I thought it would be like every other "miracle" acne treatment I've ever tried. Ya know those products that work magic for, like...a week, and then you blink and your acne is back with a vengeance? BioClarity kicks those products' ass. It works the same for me now as it did two months ago when I first started using it, so that's relieving.




BioClarity is definitely a part of my daily routine now, and because they don't use any harsh chemicals, it didn't really feel like I was taking any kind of risk. I've been using it for a little over two months, and I really have no complaints. At first, I did experience a little dryness, but I just reduced my usage to once a day instead of twice, and everything was back to normal. I can honestly tell you that in these past two months, I've gotten maybe three or four pimples on my chest/back. As compared to before I started using BioClarity, when I would wake up everyday to a new one. 


BioClarity was nice enough to give me a discount code for 50% off to offer my readers, so to get your first month's supply for $15, you can use code "KELSEY50"! And on top of that, they always offer free shipping. So, whatever age you are, if you suffer from acne in any way, I 100% say it's worth a try!

Gettin' Beachy: Summer Vacay Style Guide


This look is definitely more on the romantic/feminine side with this long flowing maxi dress. I absolutely love the palm print, I am all about it this summer. I don't care if it's cliche, I don't care if I look like a tourist, I LOVE IT. I kept it simple with the shoes and accessories because the print of the dress is a little busy. Paired with the unique silhouettes, the neutral color palette gives this feminine ensemble a little edge. The monochromatic aspect gives a very girly girl, a very "cool girl" vibe.



First and foremost, I don't have $1,000 to spend on a shirt, and I can bet good money that most of you don't either. This is solely for inspo, and any white graphic tee would suffice. I chose this Gucci tee because I literally dream about it at night, so I had to include it in this post in some way. I kept the color palette of this look very light and clean. I absolutely love the tie front detailing on the skirt, I think it makes it just a little more interesting. This woven bag from reformation...I have no words. It's everything I could want in a summer bag and so, SO perfect to complete a beachy, summer look. The Keds keep the outfit clean and leaning towards the preppy side. I would definitely accessorize this look with some simple gold jewelry. I'd probably layer some thin gold chain chokers, maybe some hoops, and simple thin rings. 



I grew up ten minutes away from the beach, and when I moved out at eighteen, I also lived just a few minutes away from the Pacific Ocean. So, no matter what direction my style goes in over the years, I will first and foremost be a boho beach babe (in my head). Fringe, crochet, tie dye, loose and flowy fits, earthy tones, I'm all about it. I decided to add a little "pop" of color with this yellow tie front top from Reformation. A striped top also would've went so well, and you can fin similar tops at Verge Girl and Relisation. As for these little cactus shoes from ASOS...I had to. How cute are they? And they fit so well. 


Spice It Up

Okay, I went a little loco with the prints here, but I feel like they're all subtle enough to mesh together. I'd definitely throw a pair of cut off Levi shorts over the one piece from Midsommar, but this pants-less combo is still totally wearable for a beachy getaway. I've been trying to add a little more color to my wardrobe, and this is a great place to start. The solid white suit brings a little balance, breaking up the excitement of the prints and colors, and calming it down just enough to a point that isn't "boring". I can totally picture myself laying on the beach in Santorini, Greece. maybe if I picture it hard enough, it'll come true. 




Verge Girl  |  Reformation  |  Topshop  |  Urban Outfitters  |  Madewell  |  Tony Bianco  |  Planet Blue  |  Revolve

When shopping for summer attire I try to stick to lighter colors. When it comes to prints I'm definitely opting for those super cool floral/palm prints this summer, especially for pants, pajama tops, shoes, bags, etc. I'm also dying for stripes this summer, I know stripes are always a thing, but this summer, I will live and breath them for sure. For fabrics, obviously look for lightweights and breathables like linen, cotton, and rayon.

My favorite and most simple styling tip for summer is to just throw on a cute set, like this one from Free People, and have a little fun with the accessories. The trending yellow sunnies are definitely going to be my go-to accessory for the next few months. What's your favorite summer accessory this year? Let's talk about it in the comments below!

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OOTD: Embroidered Heels + Stripes


Happy almost weekend ladies and gents. Actually, do any gents read this stuff? If you do, let me know, I'm very curious. Anyway, YES. Almost weekend. Also, just three more weeks until I'm back in my favorite place and in a whole other world, Los Angeles, California. I'm so excited it hurts. And I can't wait to be on the beach in Malibu in my new bikini I won in an Instagram giveaway last week! And no...not the infamous Sunny Co. Bay Watch Halloween costume.

I recently won @Brendawasylucha's collaboration giveaway with Midsommar Swim. YAY. My sweet angel (bikini, I know I'm over-dramatic) should be getting to my apartment sometime this week! (Emphasis on the "should" because the post office lives to stress me out). So, stay tuned on my Insta-stories to see which one I chose!

P.s. I didn't cry.

P.S. Yes. I did. I did cry. A lot. 

Thanks again to Brenda and Rachel! You made my week.


outfit details

Top: Tobi (I bought this about three years ago, and I can't believe they still have it)

Pants: Uniqlo 

Shoes: Buffalo Exchange | Similar: Nastygal

Jacket: Nastygal | Similar: Nastygal

Bag: Free People (no longer available)

Sunnies: Free People | Similar: Free People

FullSizeRender (69).jpg
FullSizeRender (72).jpg


Embroidered Shoes

I picked up these embroidered heels from Buffalo Exchange the other day and a lot of people really seemed to like them, so I decided to give you guys some more options. Embroidered shoes can turn a very simple outfit into a very chic one. I paired a pretty simple print (black and white stripes), a solid-colored pant (great buffer) along with my printed shoes, which added the perfect amount of excitement.

I can see these floral Free People Exclusive loafers being an everyday go-to this summer for sure. Embroidery in general is always great for the Spring/Summer months, and I can't wait to put some great embroidery-themed outfits together for all my upcoming events in LA this Summer!

i wanna be thirty, flirty + thrifting

Buffalo Exchange never lets me down (except for that one time I was so broke I had to sell them a brand new pair of Dr. Marten's for $12, but that's a story for another time). Thrifting in general can be one of the most rewarding ways to spend your money, and Buffalo is definitely one of my favorite places to shop. 

A few of my other favorite thrifting destinations would have to be Crossroads, Wonderland, American Superior Vintage and ALWAYS Goodwill. I've gotten so much great stuff from Goodwill; clothing, shoes, home decor, etc. And it's great because if you like something about the item but want to make little tweaks or turn it into something completely different, you can do it fearlessly because it was cheap. 


In other semi-related news (because we are talking about summer coming up) Glossier released a weightless, everyday sunscreen and IT. IS. AWESOME. As always you can shop with me at Glossier for 20% off your first purchase! This sunscreen is a little pricey at $35, so through my rep page you can get it for $28 ($7 off)