My 2018 Goals + Resolutions

Hey guys. 2018 is here (finally). Besides the fact that it's extremely cliche, I really don't like when people say "new year, new me" because it's not a new you. I think that instead we should be saying "new year, better me". No matter who you are, there's always room for improvement, and the new year symbolizes a fresh start. A chance to break bad habits and start some good ones. I made a list of all the things I want to change (that I have control over) in my life. Figured I'd share them and provide a little inspo for anyone who just has no clue where to begin.

P.S. I feel like when it comes to what the actual goal itself is, you should be less specific. For example, Instead of saying "lose 30 pounds", say "eat healthier". It's better to focus on a lifestyle change rather than reaching a goal weight. Just because you lost 30 lbs. doesn't exactly mean you're healthy. At the same time, keep in mind that it helps if you're very specific with describing your goals. For example, instead of just saying "eat healthier", you should specify what you want to cut out of your diet and what you think you should eat more of, designate certain times of the day you should be eating, etc.


(This is the first picture I've taken in 2018, and it's a little bit different than the pictures I usually post. I'm home, in sweats, haven't showered, my hair is crazy, no make up. It's natural, real + unplanned and that's what exactly how I want this year to be.)

Things I want to stop doing:

BEING NEGATIVE - Even though I usually have a very "anything is possible" mindset, I tend to be very hard on myself and get extremely discouraged when things go wrong. I need to work on that. I'm slowly starting to realize when I'm being negative, and I'm starting to stop myself, take a deep breath and try to calm down, so I can think clearly. 

TAKING NAPS - I take a nap, then I'm up for the entire night, groggy all day + then my sleep schedule is all messed up for days/weeks. It severely affects my focus + overall performance during the day. I gotta cut the naps.

PUTTING OFF TAKING CARE OF MYSELF - I'm a big procrastinator when it comes to taking care of myself. I've been putting off going to the doctor for much much too long and excusing it with "I've been so busy". Health, both mental and physical, is extremely important + I need to start getting things taken care of as soon as I notice something is wrong. I tend to have an "it'll go away on it's own eventually" view on illnesses + that definitely has to change.

Things I want to start doing:

EAT HEALTHIER - Try to cut out sugar and greasy/fast foods as much as possible. Eat more vegetables and home-cooked meals. Eat smaller portions 5-6 times a day + don't eat anything less than 2 hours before going to sleep.

HUSTLE HARDER - Don't get me wrong, I work my ass off, but I feel like I could be doing just a little more. There's always a few more emails I could be sending before the day is done, or a few more minutes I could spend reading articles and researching current events. In 2018, I'd like to gain more knowledge about my industry by reading more books, watching more documentaries, and going on more informational interviews with people in the industry that I look up to.

POST AT LEAST ONE BLOG PER WEEK - Because I've been so busy with my internship, new job and moving around, I've really put my blog on the back burner. So this year, I'd like to stop making excuses and start making a very conscious effort to post here at least once per week. 

STOP OVERTHINKING - This includes, but is not limited to what I'm going to upload on Instagram today. But seriously, I tend to get way too deep into my thoughts and overthink until I drive myself crazy. I need to just accept that things are happening as they should, and as long as I'm working hard and doing the absolute best I can, the right opportunities and the right people will fall into place. 


So those are my 2018 resolutions. Feel free to comment below any New Years resolutions that you've made for this year and would like to share. Also, feel free to message me on Instagram once in a while and remind me to eat a vegetable. 



What I Wore In Boston
FullSizeRender (1).jpg


I'm just gonna come right out and say it...all my outfits in Boston were straight fire. And I'm not even sorry that I just said straight fire. I've been getting a lot of questions about where a bunch of the pieces I wore were from, so I decided to out together a little shopping guide. When curating outfits for this trip, I tried to combine current trends with the sophisticated style of that place that everyone goes to pollute the water with tea. But seriously, Boston is a beautiful city, especially this time of year and I definitely recommend taking the trip if you've never been. 



Shop everything here:

Our Glossier Event Blue Prints Are Now Live On Black Twine.

This past summer, I worked together with Black TwineSmall Girls PR to throw a Glossier rep event in Los Angeles. This week the blue print for that event went live on Black Twine's website! What's really incredible about this blue print going live, is that Black Twine will be donating $1 from every purchase to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Get it? Pink. Breast Cancer. Great Cause. Omg. Below you can find some pics from the party we threw at Small Girls in LA. Maybe it'll inspire you to, I don't know, through a party? Purchase some of the items from the blue print? Help donate to a good cause? The possibilities are endless folks.





I got my gold mules from Crossroads($20), but they were originally from Urban (~$90). Score. My dress was from H&M, also featured here on Two & The City's Instagram!








Huge thanks to Small Girls PR for letting Black Twine and I be a part of such an amazing event! And a very special thank you to everyone who came out and helped drink all our wine and eat the pink sushi!



Wine: The Whispering Angel  ★  Tablecloths: Wolf & Irving  ★  Balloons: One Stylish Party  ★  Party favors: Sugarfina   ★  Photography: Matt Misisco

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