bells + whistles

East Coast style with a West Coast twist.

Bells + Whistles is a style blog here for your daily fashion, beauty and lifestyle inspiration. When I say style, I don't just mean what you wear. I mean how you wear it, how you do your hair, your makeup, the way you decorate your apartment, every aspect of how you spend your day. 


Personal style, to me, is the most obvious form of self-expression. It allows you to tell someone so much about yourself without ever saying a word.  



I'd love to here feedback from you guys! E-mail me! Tweet me! Message me on facebook, instagram, whatever! Any advice, criticism, compliments, etc. are extremely helpful. I can't explain how much hard work I've put into this blog and how grateful I am that you've taken the time to come check it out. Sincerely, thank you all so much.


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